LOUD!!! in Toronto

conspired by Nothing To See Here
Wednesday, March 25, 7:30 PM $8/ $5 Members + Students
Hosted by Pleasure Dome
@ Tallulah’s Cabaret, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
[12 Alexander Street, Toronto]

One way or another, it is vibration, after all, that connects every separate entity in the cosmos, organic or nonorganic. – Steve Goodman – Sonic Warfare Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear [2012]

I went to art school, not music school. I don’t think like a musician. – Christian Marclay in conversation with Kim Gordon [2005]

We often disregard sound’s imperialistic tendencies pushing it into the background as white noise or muzak but the possibilities of the exploitation and weaponization of sound are vast: sonic weapons; long range acoustic devices; torture; psychological warfare; a tool to discourage loitering in public; sound has the power to dominate. To control.

Culturally we want to experience things sonically together, we congregate toward organized sound: parades; concerts; protests. Sound has the power to shape cultural experiences, and to disseminate ideas, it’s existence is directly tied to the air we breath.

The videos in LOUD!!! focus on the notion of sound being a dominant element that drives a piece forward. Instead of prioritizing the image (which is often the case in moving image works) artists in LOUD!!! instead work more actively with sound, often incorporating it directly into the frame of image itself. Instead of tuning sound out and pushing it toward the background, the works in this program remind us of the potentials sound offers.

including works by: Sebastian Haslauer, Max Bernstein, Deco Dawson, Paul Destieu, Kyle Kessler, Loud Objects, Adán De La Garza, and others, including a number of audience-based performances conspired by Nothing To See Here. Full program details below!

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speaking in tongues

Speaking in Tongues [Audience Performance] Nothing To See Here
A preparatory measure for audio experiences. Based upon the trickiest tongue twister of all time as recently determined by MIT researchers.


be loud

be loud – Sebastian Haslauer – documentation of performance – 3mins, 2013
The globally networked youth, cool Berliners, hip Parisians, digital bohemians and the urban precarity, in short: the consumers of ARTE Creative, they suffer. Worn down between efficiency-optimized work madness and job searches, the first hair loss does not see the housing bubble, but bursts their dreams.  But our self-perception as gelatinized due to capitalist processes now already? Do I need to rethink my ideals and if so, how soluble e I of the ancients? Am I on the ego-jogging path forgot my grandma? And who actually comes why to my birthday party? With the performance series “15 ways to feel better” Sebastian Haslauer search for alternatives. He gives no answers, but calls in simple examples for self-observation: what is good for me? What I’m missing? Which rules must and I want to take me for?



We Weren’t Bored [an excerpt] – Adán de la Garza – 2mins, 2014
An excerpt from an upcoming video installation dealing with the video archive Adán produced from ages 16 to 22 documenting the antics, violence, stunts, drugs, and music amongst his group of friends in Tucson AZ.


Heavy Metal Conch – Max Bernstein – 1 mins, 2013
Heavy Metal Conch is an instrument in progress, built to rock your socks off! As charming as it is stupid, Its Heavy Metal Conch.


Fade-Out – Paul Destieu – 12.30mins, 2011
Fade-out is a technical term both used in cinema and sound to designate a transition or an end : the decrease of a signal until silence or complete disappearance. The scene focuses on the progressive burying of a drumset under a gravel flow where each impact is amplified and recorded as crashing on the different instrument’s parts. The sequence proposes an experimentation around this technical process, by materializing such transition between two states. The flow produces a rhythm section which slowly turns into a sound and visual chocking.


eric andre_web
Everything is In the News – The Eric André Show – 1.07mins, 2013
“So….EVERYTHING is in the news today…”


Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) G20 Pittsburgh – The Glass Bead Collective – 1:06, 2009

The LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) was used for the first time in the USA in Pittsburgh during the time of G20 summit on September 24-25th, 2009.


fuck everything
Fuck Everything – [Audience Performance] Nothing To See Here
politicians, war, debt, jobs, conservatives, capitalism, commuting, not paying artists, patriarchy, kyriarchy, hierarchy, rent, police brutality, the economy, neoliberalism, corporate media, cops, injustice, the prison system, the military industrial complex, marriage inequality, racism, sexism, xenophobia, unequal rights, social inequality, climate change deniers, the oil industry, capitalism, homelessness, the creative class, tear gas, organized religion, armoured vehicles, long range acoustic devices, sonic warfare, gentrification, poverty, anti-union, violence, the G20, fascism…


Screamers – Kyle Kessler – 1 min – 2012
A standalone video screened during the video portion of a 3-day “harsh” noise music festival. (Fewer than 3% of all performers at this event were women.)


Dumb Angel
Dumb Angel – Deco Dawson – 6mins, 2005
Equal parts improvisational performance, experimental film, behind the scenes documentary, music video and audio composition, DUMB ANGEL features sensational 17-year old rock drummer Anders Erickson in a strange, acute, hyper-reality where the unfaltering magic of cinema happens right before the camera’s eye. (Alison Gilmore Winnipeg Free Press)


washing machine_web
Self-Destructing Washing Machine Epic-Hotpoint Self Destructs – Aussie50 – 5.31mins, 2011
Don’t try this at home! – Motor Direct powered with a Yamabishi 10A Variac at 300V max. amp meter barely hit 6 amps at max load! Concrete counterweights and good spare parts were removed from this before doing this test.


на Красной площади – песня “Путин зассал” – Pussy Riot 1.37mins – 2012
Pussy Riot perform “Putin Zassal” [variously translated by English language media as “Putin has Pissed Himself”, “Putin Chickened Out”, “Putin Got Scared” and “Putin is Wetting Himself”] in the Red Square, January 20, 2012.


Chainsaw Choir at ((audience)) – Loud Objects – documentation of performance – 0.59mins, 2011

The Loud Objects create electronic noise with minimal components: microchips, a power jack, an audio jack, and wire. The group solders custom audio circuits live, creating audible fluctuations of electricity with these bare elements. Gradually building a complex sound circuit, they present electronic music in a form closer to a physical instrument than a laptop. Their performances invite the audience to bear conscious witness to each musical gesture: the addition of a microchip; the soldering of an output pin to the audio jack.


Noise Karaoke/Throwdowns [Audience Performance] Nothing To See Here
“The inept player will make many mistakes, or what are perceived as such. He or she will make choices and create combinations that are ‘wrong,’ and this is what has lead to the belief in the creativity that comes from a lack of preconceptions and a willingness to try out anything, even if badly. The results can be taken (and in punk, were) as more authentic, the lack of preconceptions allowing a greater creativity and personal expression to emerge.”

“This dependence and mutual loss of identity occurs between performers and audience in all noise”

– Paul Hegarty – Noise/Music A History