Nothing to See Here is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary media art in Denver.

Nothing To See Here is a collaborative art project by Christina Battle + Adán De La Garza currently in Denver. Dedicated to exhibiting contemporary media art, Nothing To See Here offers a home for under represented artistic mediums including: Sound, Performance, Media Installation, Film and Video. By highlighting strong media artworks being made in Denver; exposing the Denver community to artists working outside of the region; and remunerating artists for their work, Nothing To See Here fills a void in Colorado’s Contemporary Art scene. Currently, we’re looking for a permanent home that will allow for monthly screenings, exhibitions, and events, creating a converging point for our local arts community.

Christina Battle + Adán De La Garza
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NTSH is self-funded with all additional monies from door intake going to exhibiting artists. ​If you’d like to help support the cause please consider donating thru NTSH’s paypal account [].

We are grateful to the awesome people listed below who supported NTSH through our recent fundraising campaign:

Adam Gildar
Adam Stone
Amber Cobb
Brett Kashmere
Burke Miles
Christian Ramirez
Chubby Digits
Clint Enns
Cody Yantis
Curt Heiner
Elissa Auther
Emily K. Harrison
Emmanuel David & Patrick Greaney
Erin Rollman
Gary Bruner
Jaime Carrejo
Jeanne De La Garza
Jenna Maurice
Jo Alcampo
Julie Rooney
Justin Ankenbauer
Kate Ewald
Kelly Sears
Laura Ann Samuelson
Leslie Supnet
Liv Rolf Mertz
Maria Lawson
Mark McCoin
Max Bernstein
Michelle Elsworth
Mike Weitz
Nell Con
Nikki Pike
Rachael & Jesse Kuroiwa
Raven Chacon
Robin Gallite
Ryan Wade Ruehlen
Sara Bredengerd
Sarah Mcdonald
Scott Ferguson
Scott Miller Berry
Scott Stark
Serena Lee
Sheerly Avni
Theresa Anderson
Tiina & David Brown
Tobias Fike
Turquesa Cimino
Tyrone Davies
Yes Ma’am Projects